May Allah continue protecting us from covid-19

campaign against coronalvirus

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Fight to Educate every African Child.

In Africa, parents, governments, teachers must put in their all to Educate every African Child. The Future of Africa is in the quality of education we give our African children.

Peter K. Tweh
Yahaya Salisu Ahmed Danjibga
Positive vibes

Thank God for life 🙇🙏 Hope for the African Child

Port Harcourt waterfront

People living in this area, face lots of challenges and difficulties. Sharing the same toilets connected to the river with no apparent arrangement. They need help.

Boy child

Am a Boy Treated like am a boss When I face challenges, I dare not complain about anything hence society would say am not good enough or perhaps good for nothing I have no right to speak up because am…

International Women’s Day 2020

#InternationalWomensDay2020 #iwd2020 #eachforequal #globalimpact #nazaagapefoundation Hello Queens 👑👑 You are beautiful You are stronger than you ever think You are blessed beyond measure You are not less than who you think you are You are all that God wants you…

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