Hi, we are the VOICE OF THE AFRICAN CHILD FOUNDATION, a registered non-governmental organization with a passion for getting the plights of the average African child to be heard and seen to help give them a better life. We tackle poverty and injustice that affects children. We are a global humanitarian organization who empower people out of poverty. At this foundation, we remain committed to providing children’s needs irrespective of how the world has changed because the needs of children have not.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see every child live in a world where children are well taken care of. We derive respite from promoting human rights especially those of children by directing our resources towards their benefit.

Our aims and objectives are:

  • To give a voice to the African child.
  • To create awareness regarding the conditions surrounding the helpless African child.
  • To give hope to the African child.
  • To improve the state of living of the African child.
  • To connect, feel and share the life of an African child.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve children’s lives by supporting them education-wise and alleviating them of poverty. To explore different parts of the country and Africa at large.  To give a voice to the less privileged and disadvantaged children. To scale different heights disregarding the challenges or threat it poses to us. To be abreast of situations. To assist and empower the underprivileged children and provide them with at least the basic necessities and through our research, we can proffer solutions to ongoing problems. We partner you to remove every stumbling block a child might encounter on his way to the top of the echelon that ranges from poverty to diseases. Rapid urbanization has taken its toll on some children, and while we bring them into cognizance, we do not leave out the disabled and those living in degraded environments.

Our Core Values

We promote a better start to life to build a strong foundation for children that will in turn impact on their future positively. Education instigates better thinkers. We work to ensure equality. We set high standards for ourselves to provide high-quality care for children. We have respect and value for our partners, and we are ever-evolving with the use of new ideas that bring about creativity. We pride ourselves on honesty as we do everything possible not to compromise or soil our integrity.

We are an active part of the Nigerian society. We act as a catalyst in the community to provide an environment where children will be protected from any form of hazard. With your help, you can make lives better for those far and near to you. We are the VOTAC, VOICE OF THE AFRICAN CHILD FOUDATION.

Our emerging agency ambitions to partner with other great agencies and help the African child

  • 10M Causes
  • 25KValunteer
  • 30KChildrens
  • 14Countrys