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Police Academy Rd, Liberia



lubas road

African child should have access to friendly Justice system

Drug refillings


 during this lock down,many young children living with HIV in Africa have know access to getting there A.R.Vs in time due to stigma and lack of transport so I decided to go and help to take for some of the young people in jinja so as to keep them alive and pushing on with life every day I have to travel around 8km to take Refills for my peers in the eastern e


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Don’t miss out on this webinar, The webinar promises to be interactive and educating, Proudly organized by the Voice of the African child foundation . let their voices be heard…..

Proud Africans

Windhoek, Namibia


Happy Children’s day

Rivers, Nigeria

The most precious thing in this world is a smile on the face of a child. Happy children’s day to all the children in the world. You’re so special to us!

Decolonization of Africa

By: Helimana P. Nakanyala   The First World War strengthened the native African resistance movements;’ the Second World War provided the opportunity to achieve success. The declaration of principles by Churchill and Roosevelt in the Atlantic Charter in 1941, with its promise of self-determination and self-government for all, brought new hope. As the Second World War progressed, there emerged a new genera­tion of black leaders intent on obtaining self-rule. Among them were Kwame Nkrumah (1909-72) of the Gold Coast, Léopold Sédar Senghor (b. 1906-) of Senegal, Jomo Kenyatta (1891-1978) of Kenya, Ahmed Sékou Touré (1922-84) of Guinea, Patrice Lumumba (1925­61) of the Belgian Congo (Zaire), Kenneth Kaunda (b. 1924-) of Northern Rhodesia, and Julius Nyerere (b. 1922-) of Tanganyika. Britain’s postwar relinquishing of India (1947), coupled with Dutch and French defeats in Asia, further strengthened the movement for African independence.

Orphanage visit😁


we took out time to visit the orphanage on Sunday, though we weren’t allowed to see the children or take pictures with them, but it was totally worth it😊😊 #Helping_hands Stay safe and God bless you!


warri, Delta state

“The day the government stopped mama from going to market, nothing remained the same in our house😢 Papa had to stay at home too. We are not able to eat like the way we used to. It’s hard!I can’t forget the day I saw mama silently weeping at the balcony. I knew she was worried about us. We are left with nothing to do but to sit and endure the terrible bites of hunger. I wish the government can help us, I wish people out there can understand the pain we are going through”.


Rivers, Nigeria

My heart goes to the poor! how are they coping in this period of lockdown?When everything was normal,how were they able to survive not to talk of the current situation of lockdown and hardship. Please look out for your staving neighbors😢 so many people are really suffering and in need of help. “Help someone today”