Orphanage visit😁


we took out time to visit the orphanage on Sunday, though we weren’t allowed to see the children or take pictures with them, but it was totally worth it😊😊 #Helping_hands Stay safe and God bless you!


warri, Delta state

“The day the government stopped mama from going to market, nothing remained the same in our house😢 Papa had to stay at home too. We are not able to eat like the way we used to. It’s hard!I can’t forget the day I saw mama silently weeping at the balcony. I knew she was worried about us. We are left with nothing to do but to sit and endure the terrible bites of hunger. I wish the government can help us, I wish people out there can understand the pain we are going through”.


Rivers, Nigeria

My heart goes to the poor! how are they coping in this period of lockdown?When everything was normal,how were they able to survive not to talk of the current situation of lockdown and hardship. Please look out for your staving neighbors😢 so many people are really suffering and in need of help. “Help someone today”

Poor living Condition

Rivers, Nigeria

Unhealthy conditions and lack of food stuffs kills more Nigerians. In this awkward time, the poor masses needs intensive care from the Government and individuals.


Rivers, Nigeria

As they lay dust to dawn Coffey In the street where we grew We are chased by the military where do i go, when I’m homeless As no hidden place to be And the virus in search of men And the globe is on holiday How do I fetch for food As I’m in a spot That is not bear and skittles And non holds no brief for My heart is on trauma.😢😢

Give a sanitary pad to a girl child


One of the greatest thing we can do to our Young girls in our communities is to share to them sanitary pads because if the can’t get access to this sanitary pads,the are prone to allot of infections and unhealthy lifestyle as their well-being is threatened. #girlchildplusasanitarypath #weallshouldhostacampaignlikethistoempowerourgirls #Nkwentisfoundation #VoiceoftheAfricanChildfoundation

May Allah continue protecting us from covid-19

Unnamed Road, Kubacha, Nigeria

campaign against coronalvirus

Fight to Educate every African Child.

Dixville Public School , Liberia

In Africa, parents, governments, teachers must put in their all to Educate every African Child. The Future of Africa is in the quality of education we give our African children.

Positive vibes


Thank God for life 🙇🙏 Hope for the African Child

Port Harcourt waterfront

Bundu Borokiri, Port Harcourt

People living in this area, face lots of challenges and difficulties. Sharing the same toilets connected to the river with no apparent arrangement. They need help.