Hello and welcome to the Voice of the African Child platform! The VOICE OF THE AFRIACN CHILD was founded in December, 2018 to help children who lack everything needed for a decent life. Many children grow up without being properly raised. This is an era where parents abscond from their duties. Today due to the issues related to shying away from responsibilities, most of our children have become trapped in a disempowering system. Developing from childhood to adulthood should be an exciting transition. However, due to the economic situation of Nigeria and Africa at large, it has become worrying while some people have benefitted from specific policies. Low standards of living in the rural areas are particularly disheartening. Parents live in slums where their children are exposed to all forms of hazard. Voice of the African child offers a pathway to children support. Millions of children in the country are born into a world of uncertainty — a world where war hunger, drug abuse, the violence of all sorts have become a stark reality. A large number of these children die suffering from one case or the other.

Every child- no matter where they come from, no matter the color of their skin deserves to be treated fairly. They deserved access to good food, water, care and they have the right to good health. We do not only deal with unemployment and healthcare; we are committed to helping young adults fulfill their potential. They need to be given the power to shape their future by becoming independent individuals through empowerment. The poverty cycle in Africa is endless and needs to be tackled accordingly. Social vices are becoming alarming in Nigeria. Nowadays, children practice cultism at a very young age. Most of these actions are caused by neglect from the well-to-do people of the society who have shuned their civic duties. There are several NGO foundations offering child support, and we are one of them. Our services cater for the vulnerable children. We support children with an eye on the bright future that Nigeria has.

Our area of interest includes:

  • Health
  • Environmental
  • Child labor
  • Infrastructure
  • Insecurity
  • Drug abuse
  • Power
  • Transportation

We help children naturally living in poverty stay in school. Sponsoring these kids turns them into high achievers. Many of these children are orphans or children living in situations that are not palatable. We don’t get tired. The VOICE OF THE AFRICAN CHILD FOUNDATION mobilizes and intensifies efforts by governmental, private sectors, multilateral and the civil society to address the challenges facing children of various ages across Africa. We improve the lives of children through sustainable supports.
Brand Partnership

The foundation is operated as a public charity, and it is governed by the Board of Trustees. However, your donation as an outsider can go a long way to shaping the lives of children out there. Relying on private donors and key brand partners have not been a straightforward approach but it what we believe in. Members are our most loyal base, and they not only provide financial help, but they are also visionary which makes them outspoken champions. With their support aiding our work, we have been transforming lives, and we are not slowing down. Radical generosity from these members have kept us afloat and allowed us to focus on the building a platform that will one day reinvigorate the charity world. Your donations are also valuable in the training of peacemakers and strengthening of the economies. At this foundation, every single penny counts. Our fund management allows us to help get children to get more than a dollar for each dollar donated to us. We are an open book, and we maximize impact as required.

In-Kind Donations

Your in-kind donations are also welcome as a form of charity. It can be in cash or stock. We accept your donations are our drop-offs closest to you. We don’t stress you because we provide honest services that are tailor-made for your convenience. You can even donate to our monthly storage. Whatever you are willing to give to the cause of the children in need is appreciated. We are deeply thankful to everyone that has shown their kindness through donations in-kind.

We can extend the wealth of knowledge we possess about children beyond the walls of our centers. We help them live and work by instilling them with positive self-esteem and self-concept that they need.

Without a good foundation for the country to build on, there is no future. We are within reach. We are the mouthpiece of a Nigerian child.